Saturday, April 5, 2014

Miami Beach through my lens: March 2014

Ooops! I'm late again this time to post the March edition of  my photography project. This last month I went to catch a movie at the New World Symphony, a beautiful concert hall in the heart of South Beach. Every Wednesday, they show a movie in the lawn in front of the entrance. Here's the schedule for this season.
People brought chairs, blankets, food and drinks, and it really is a awesome way to enjoy the movies.
This time they showed Breakfast at Tiffany's. I haven't seen this in a long time! I'm definitely coming back next week! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pinocchio Cafe

Pinocchio Cafe has become my go-to place for a delicious coffee and pastries. I always order the Pinocchio cafe (espresso with steamed milk, chocolate and cinnamon ) and a flaky and buttery whole-grain croissant.
Lorenzo, the owner, is super friendly and makes the best espresso in town. This place is always packed with Italian ex-pats, so you know this is the real deal! 

Images: Monica Aguinaga

Friday, March 7, 2014

Miami Beach through my lens: February 2014

Hey friends! I apologize for my tardiness in updating my photo project. Between my computer dying and lots of work (and February being so short!), I just couldn't post it in time.
But ok, no more excuses: here it is!

This month, I want to share with you my favorite park: South Pointe Park. The view is amazing, with Fisher Island across, and gigantic ships passing by. It's the perfect spot for picnics, bike rides, walking the doggies, reading a book, pretty much anything!

Check it out!

Images: Monica Aguinaga

Miami Beach through my lens is a photographic quest to discover the great city of Miami Beach.
Starting January 2014, I will explore a new place every month throughout the year, and share my findings with you. Armed with my trusty camera, I aim to get to know this wonderful city better, and improve my photography skills as I go. Tag along!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How not to open a pomegranate

I went to the farmers market last Sunday, and was excited to see pomegranates. Growing up in Mexico, I used to eat pomegranates with lime and chili powder all the time. I remember we would buy pomegranates in the market and they were already open, all the seeds in little plastic cups, ready to be eaten.
So, this being my first time opening a pomegranate, I have to say it was harder (and messier) than I expected. I had googled how to open a pomegranate (can't we do anything anymore without googleing instructions?) and seemed very easy and straight-forward. 
After 10 minutes of getting all the seeds out (and cleaning the mess I had made), I had a bowl all to myself, and it was delicious. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Secret Garden

My new apartment has a little garden in the back, and it got me excited at the possibility of growing something! I've always wanted to grow my own herbs, and now I can actually do it. I'm going to start with basil and thyme, since they're my personal favorites. 
If you have any tips on growing herbs, let me know!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Hello! My computer died unexpectedly, and while I wait for it to be repaired, I'm blogging from my phone! 

I've riding my bike all over south beach lately, and south pointe park has become my favorite place to do so. Isn't it pretty? Look at the view of the marina!

I hope my computer is ready soon, in the meantime follow me on Instagram or Twitter @thisismonica. 

Images: Monica AguiƱaga ( taken w/ iPhone, edited w/ VSCOcam)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creative Mornings: Rebel

I attended Creative Mornings last Friday, and had a great time meeting other creative people, and listening Vanessa Garcia speak. Her talk was actually an art performance with her theater company The Krane, and was totally mesmerizing. 
This month's theme is Rebel, and Shutterstock, one of Creative Mornings sponsors, commissioned Zach Higgings to illustrate some of the best quotes from previous talks. Love the results!

See more here.